Carmen Nicolau

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NLP Coaching Professionnel

As a consultant for personal/human resources development, my mission is to empower any woman, or man, who finds right to be coached for a fast-growing self-confidence, building skills and setting up practices for a multidimensional life wellness. My personal preference is to support women, enhancing their own femininity heritage as key qualities in the midst of these rushing, and often hassling times.

My toolkit comprises NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming, de Bono Thinking Systems, Transactional Analysis, professional management tools, potential and mind-sets evaluation, emotional intelligence, experiential learning, stress, and change management.

I am an independent Professional Coach and an associate consultant with Lean Talent System LLC, USA. I may work remotely on-line and/or in-person.

More about my professional profile and as organisational consultant here

# Human Development

# Creative Thinking

# Change Management

# Communication

# Life-Work Balance

# Mediation

~ Classical Music, Opera, Jazz

~ Reading

~ Tourism and Hicking

~ Photography

# Neuro-Linguistic Programming

# Psychology

# de Bono Thinking System

# Transactional Analysis

# Non-Violent Communication

# Quality Management

# Management Consulting

# Project Management

# Change Manangement

#Emotional Intelligence

Clientèle cible

  • Adulte
  • Artiste
  • Athlète / Sportif
  • Couple
  • Employé
  • Famille
  • Gestionnaire / Dirigeant
  • Professionnel / Travailleur autonome / Entrepreneur


  • Changement comportemental
  • Communication
  • Confiance, estime et affirmation de soi
  • Créativité / Innovation
  • Équilibre de vie personnelle
  • Équilibre de vie professionnelle
  • Gestion de conflits
  • Gestion de projets
  • Gestion des opérations
  • Gestion des relations interpersonnelles
  • Gestion du changement
  • Gestion du stress
  • Gestion du temps et des priorités
  • Interculturel
  • Leadership / Prise de décision
  • Motivation et mobilisation
  • Objectifs
  • Santé émotionnelle
  • Travail d'équipe / Ressources Humaines
  • Vision / Mission / Valeurs


  • Coaching - Service Entre Coachs
  • Coaching d'affaires et corporatif
  • Coaching en ligne
  • Coaching personnel / individuel
  • Conférence et atelier
  • Mentorat